Which Warmfront do I need? It all depends where you live.

When I get a Warmfront order - the first thing I do is look to see which model they ordered, and where they live.  

Before writing this, I was sitting on the front porch in Denver at sundown - in February.  At 5pm.  And it was 40 degrees. 

So, here's the deal why I do that: our bodies react differently to the cold based on where we're from. People from warmer places, like California, Arizona, or Florida might shiver even when it's not that cold compared to someone from a colder climate like Colorado or Minnesota.  So depending where you live, my front porch sundown was either not bad - or insane!

I want to make sure they are getting the best combination of riding conditions and their personal cold tolerance.

I designed this chart with seasons, rather than temperatures, because where you are from determines what's cold to you.  

I have all 4 versions in my bike bag - depending on the conditions and the season.

Bottom line, if you have any questions email me directly matt(at)thewarmfront.com, and we offer a full guarantee for refund, exchange or replacement.

Warmfront Product Comparison Chart

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