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Apollo 11 Ultralight Chest Warmer for Men

Apollo 11, July 1969

According to my dad, when the Apollo 11 astronauts were taking the first steps on the moon, I was taking my first steps as a toddler. As a student, I was always fascinated with space, the stars and technology.


For years, Pro Tour riders would grab newspaper from fans and stuff it down their jersey to stay warm on long mountain descents. This was the origin of the Warmfront.
History captured in newsprint.
Exactly! Holy Shit!

As one of the nation's most respected sources of journalism, The Onion has captured the most important events in the world.

On the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11, I knew I had to blend my love for science, space exploration, and bikes.

It took 10 long years.

The Limited Edition Apollo Warmfront.
one small step for cyclists.

Holy Shit. We finally did it.

Utilizing technology and the smartest minds in digital sublimation, graphic design and technical garment manufacturing, we created the limited edition Apollo 11 Warmfront.

Apollo 11 Ultralight Chest Warmer for Men

the warmfront in space

We're pretty sure they would have worn a Warmfront in the moon buggy. And why do they think only the first moon landing is fake? They put a damn dune buggy up there later, FFS.