Our story


In October 2005, I was mountain biking in Golden, Colorado. Fall here in the Rockies is warm during the day, and the minute the sun goes down - the temperature drops.  It's cold.

Tired of being cold, I would carry all types of cycling jackets and base layers to try to keep warm on the descent back to the parking lot - jackets, vests, etc.  On this day, the cycling jacket I had strapped to my backpack worked itself loose and the sleeve nearly became wrapped in my rear wheel.  

Frustrated, I thought there has to be a better way to stay warm. 

Inspired by my friend Bruce who used to make arm warmers out of cheap tube socks, and seeing Tour De France riders grab newspapers from the fans and stuff them down their jerseys for mountain descents - The Warmfront was born.

The first prototype was a thermal undershirt.  The second prototype was a fleece jacket cut to ribbons and put back together.

Testing over 25 different fabric weights in all weather conditions resulted in a what you see today.

The Warmfront is one of the best combinations of warmth, compact size and flexibility for cycling, running, skiing, boarding, and hiking. 

Each Warmfront is made right here in Colorado, and we stand behind every one, 100%, no questions asked.  I think it's better than a thermal base layer and a cycling jacket, and want you to find out for yourself.

the company story

This is both a small business - tiny, in fact, and also huge company.

Officially, it's me and my business partner.  She makes each one by hand, right here in Colorado.  Her sewing skills are amazing.

Unofficially, this company is made up of our customers who believed in us, and customers who became friends who offered advice, criticism and encouragement.

When I started this business, I tried to make it look big - professional, classy, legit.  But we are still working out of our homes, and are truly thankful you are reading this - and I never thought we'd make it this far.  So I hope you choose to sign on and join our journey!


Not what was published. How it was used. Ultimate simplicity and function. Pro riders use newspaper to stay warm.